Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to Your Mobile Detailing Queries

General FAQ's

We service San Jose and all the surrounding areas like Los Gatos, Cupertino, Mountain View, Milpitas. check out the map on our home page.

For the most part, yes. However, There will be a few times where we will take same day appointments depending on where you are located and the service you are requesting.

Yes, currently I don’t have a shop but you can bring your vehicle to my at home location located in south San Jose.

Yes we do offer mobile services for people living within the map range.

It is not necessary for you to be there the entire time. We just need access to your vehicle and a space large enough to get the job done.

Currently I’m only accepting (zelle) and cash only. We do not accept checks or money orders.

Yes we have all the proper equipment to get the job done. we are 100% equipped with our own water and power.

We will give you a call or a text once the car is finished.

Wash & Wax FAQ's

It really depends where you store your vehicle. If the car is outside 90% of the time then it won’t last a very long time since its getting hit by the sun and rain. You can expect up to 3 months of protection.

We clay bar your paint to get your paint feeling smooth again and to clean any loose dirt or bonded contaminants that the wash wasn’t able to take off, then we apply a premium wax to protect your paint.

It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. generally between 3-4 hours.

There’s a lot of good brands out there but our usual favorite one we use is the chemical guys premium butter wax.

Engine Cleaning FAQ's

It can if your not careful. But we are very carful when working on a customers engine. We use just enough water to rinse out the cleaner and dirt. We cover up sensitive areas before starting the process.

Unfortunately, if the oil or grease is to heavy we won’t be able to clean it, we are unable to reach some of those small crannies where the dirt is stuck. We mainly focus on the top surface of the engine bay.

Depending on size and condition, it would take approximately about 1 hour to finish.

Yes we do dress the plastics to make your engine bay standout and give it a newer look.

Express Wash FAQ's

We both are car washes that’s correct. but we take our process to a higher level to give you a better result. We use safe washing and drying methods to make sure your paint doesn’t get any scratches or swirl marks. We blow out the water from little corners and apply a high quality spray wax that will give your vehicle a nicer shine.

Unfortunately this will not remove roughness in the paint due to it being a regular maintenance focused wash, in order to remove the roughness you can try out our wash and wax where we use the clay bar.

Unfortunately we don’t clean the interior with this service, but we do have 2 interior options you can add to your royal wash on our menu.

It depends on the size of the vehicle and condition. Generally speaking it takes about 1-3 hours.

Interior Deep Clean FAQ's

It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. Generally speaking about 3-4 hours. Once we see the vehicle we would give you a better estimate.

Absolutely not. we don’t use any harsh chemicals and there will be no smell other then a clean car smell. We offer a optional free black ice refresher at the end of your service.

We use a variety of tools and brushes to clean the interior. We deep clean the door panels, dash, center consol etc. We also give it a full vacuum and remove stains that might be on the seats or condition your leather seats.

We are 100% confident in our skills and knowledge to get your interior cleaned to the best condition possible. However, some stains maybe far too gone for us to completely remove. Regardless, we’ll do everything we can to make it look its best. If we can’t remove it, we’ll at least make it look significantly better.

Mini Interior Clean FAQ's

Unfortunately when it comes to removing an odor, it’s a much different process than just cleaning a stain off a seat. This could possibly require a more extensive cleaning process.

For the Full Interior Cleaning, we’ll clean your entire interior from top to bottom, front to rear, to best condition possible. The Mini-Interior Detail is a thorough vacuuming and wipe down of the dust that’s accumulated on the surfaces. It’s more of an upkeep service.

No problem! Just send us some photos of your interior and we can suggest which option is best for you.

It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle, but generally speaking it takes about 1 hour.



One morning he decided to clean his engine bay on his E90 and one of his neighbors decided to take a Walk outside to catch some fresh air and came up to the car and got very surprised on how clean the engine bay came out.
Aalok Patel
Aalok Patel
September 13, 2023
Amazing service!
Chris Carver
Chris Carver
August 12, 2023
I am extremely pleased with the 2 step paint correction, wax and wheel polishing cervantes details performed on my 2005 Dodge Magnum RT. The car looks phenomenal. Luis is a very talented man and very passionate about his work. Customer service was excellent. He communicates well, is punctual and has a positive attitude. I look forward to hiring cervantes detailing again soon and would recommend them to anyone interested.
Scot Gillis
Scot Gillis
August 7, 2023
Luis and his crew showed up on time, came prepared, and did a thorough professional job of cleaning and shampooing the interior of my dirty car. When finished, it looked like new! Will definitely use his service again and would recommend without hesitation.
August 4, 2023
Super professional, respectful and well mannered. Did a job really well done and efficiently for good price.
Brenda Belman
Brenda Belman
May 28, 2023
Left my car like new! Super great job, very polite and professional with his work,will definitely get another detail!
Virginia Diaz
Virginia Diaz
February 20, 2023
This was such a good experience. My dog threw up on my cloth car seat. With this service I didn’t even have to drive anywhere. Cervantes came over and took care of it. The seat looked like new and Cervantes was so professional and fast. Also, great pricing!! Highly recommend.
Mona Martin
Mona Martin
December 24, 2022
Always excellent service. I continue to use Luis for my car needs. Always prompt, great customer service and cars looking brand new when he's done!
Lincoln Bourne
Lincoln Bourne
September 17, 2022
My car needed an exterior detail so I hired Luis Cervantes. Got a great job from a guy who clearly loves his work
Ilektra Andoni
Ilektra Andoni
August 13, 2022
Luis was very easy to communicate with, punctual, and provided excellent service. My car had all sorts of spots and stains: dirt, sand, sunscreen, salt water, cat pee, dog fur, food, and more and Luis got it all out. The pricing is also great and I really appreciate the clear prices quotes and service descriptions on the website. A hassle-free experience. Highly recommend.
July 2, 2022
Luis made my car look brand new and was great at communicating with me about his ETA, the time he would be done with my car, and the steps/service he would be doing. I definitely recommend him to everyone I know and will be getting the rest of my cars detailed by him.