Express Wash Services in San Jose

At Cervantes Details, we understand the need for a swift yet effective car cleaning solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. Our Express Wash service offers a rapid, thorough, and revitalizing cleaning experience for your vehicle.

Express Washing Service


  • Thorough hand wash and foam wash to remove dirt, grime and other dirty spots on the vehicle.

  • Clean wheels and tires with wheel cleaner and brushes.

  • Clean door jambs and gas cap.

  • Dry vehicle with quality mitts and blow off water of crevices and wheels.

  • Apply a high quality spray wax for extra shine and protection.

  • Clean exterior windows.

Key Features of Our Express Wash:

  • Efficiency and Speed: Designed for those on the go, our Express Wash delivers a comprehensive exterior cleaning in minimal time. Get your car shining in no time without sacrificing quality.

  • Thorough Exterior Cleaning: Our trained professionals meticulously wash the exterior, targeting dirt, grime, and road residue. We use safe, high-quality products that ensure a sparkling, streak-free finish.

  • Protective Touch: Beyond cleaning, our Express Wash includes a gentle drying process that safeguards your paint from potential scratches or water spots, leaving your car looking spotless.

  • Convenience Redefined: With our streamlined process, you can experience top-notch car cleaning without disrupting your busy schedule. Enjoy a refreshed vehicle without compromising your time.

Experience the Difference:

Whether you need a quick spruce-up before an event or simply want your car looking its best in a flash, our Express Wash service is the perfect solution. Trust our expertise to swiftly and efficiently revitalize your car’s exterior, leaving it with a dazzling shine.

At Cervantes Details, we prioritize quality and efficiency, ensuring that even our express services meet the highest standards of cleanliness and care.

Contact us today to experience the convenience and brilliance of our Express Wash for your vehicle.



From our Signature Shine to Ultimate Protection, our packages offer tailored solutions for every car, ensuring enduring brilliance and defense against the elements.


$ 40 - 60


$ 60 - 80


$ 80 - 100

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Express Wash FAQ's

We both are car washes that’s correct. but we take our process to a higher level to give you a better result. We use safe washing and drying methods to make sure your paint doesn’t get any scratches or swirl marks. We blow out the water from little corners and apply a high quality spray wax that will give your vehicle a nicer shine.

Unfortunately this will not remove roughness in the paint due to it being a regular maintenance focused wash, in order to remove the roughness you can try out our wash and wax where we use the clay bar.

Unfortunately we don’t clean the interior with this service, but we do have 2 interior options you can add to your royal wash on our menu.

It depends on the size of the vehicle and condition. Generally speaking it takes about 1-3 hours.