Why You Should Get Your Car Seats Shampooed?

We have so many responsibilities and things to remember in our day to day lives we forget to do the small things. Some important and others not so much, but getting your seats shampooed is one of those errands that requires just a 2 minute phone call. In return your left with some clean looking and smelling seats that were definitely worth the 2 minutes you spent on the call booking an appointment.

Consider the amount of time you spend in your car every day. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety the average person spends 293 hours in their car each year! That’s a ton of time. Now think of all the dust, debris, bacteria, grime, and dirt that’s settled into your carpet over that period of time. If you’re a germ freak I know your squirming around right now. It’s no wonder then that when I go to shampoo 10 year old cars that even on my third pass there is still a thick brown paste being extracted.

Of course, dirty car seats and carpet aren’t a heavily researched topic by scientists so we don’t know for certain if it is bad for your health, but It’s probably not a bad choice to get your car seats and carpet shampooed every year just in case. If we spend over 12 days each year in our cars why not make those 12 days enjoyable by having the interior look and smell clean?

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